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Design & Planting

All members of our design team are qualified and have practical working experience. In-house trained and knowledgeable plantsmen constitute our planting services team.

Besides our stunning landscape design projects, our team also offers efficient and effective planting services. Our designers and plantsmen will respond to whatever level of planting services are required for your budget, style or situation.


Garden Care

Our planting services don’t have to stop at initial design or planting. Here at The Bouquet Boutique we offer garden maintenance and personal care too.

This lays out how to care for your new plants each year, in an easy-to-follow calendar format. This is prepared by our team and handed over to you on completion of any project.

Beyond this, you can arrange for our experienced plantsmen to visit your garden on a regular basis. They’ll keep things looking impeccable, as your home and lifestyle deserve.


Irrigation & Drainage

At Vision Green, our goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive landscaping and lawn care services. Garden and irrigation service are a perfect complement to our other landscaping service offerings. Whether you are working with a large lawn or a small garden, our team will ensure that it has the right amount of water for proper growth.

Yet our services don’t stop with providing water for your plants. Sometimes, homeowners find that they have too much water, which can be damaging for plants. We will also evaluate your landscaping to ensure that the water can drain properly, avoiding standing water and rotten plants. If we notice a drainage problem, we will install drains or use the landscaping to encourage better runoff and healthier growth.

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